This Lightweight Overnight Bag Fits Perfectly Under a Plane Seat

Antler’s overnight bag is a game changer when it comes to avoiding airline baggage fees.
Antler Overnight Bag Review This Lightweight Duffel Fits Perfectly Under a Plane Seat
Sophie Knight

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There was once a time when I only traveled with checked luggage, loyal to my full-size beauty products and multiple footwear options. But the recent rise in baggage fees and delays has forced me to evolve into a carry-on luggage-only traveler, with an eye for clever hacks and a penchant for packing cubes.

On a recent Easyjet flight to Barcelona, my packing skills were further challenged when even the fees for large carry-on baggage were unreasonably extortionate. Since I was only traveling for a long weekend, I planned to brave it with just the under-seat bag included in my airfare. Through my research, I found that while there are a slew of cheap under-seat luggage options on Amazon that I’m sure will do the job, I wanted to invest in something sturdy that would last longer than a few flights—and could even be used for work or the gym. Enter this overnight bag from Antler (one of our readers' favorite luggage brands)—a smart-looking soft duffel bag that, with the dimensions of 16" x 10" x 7", will fit within most under-seat allowances—as long as you don’t pack it to the brim.

Sophie Knight
Sophie Knight

Luckily for me, the bag’s dimensions fit exactly within Easyjet’s allowance so the option to pack every inch was there—although I didn’t end up needing the entire space.

By rolling my clothes, I was able to pack:

  • 1 pair of jeans (yes jeans!)
  • 1 shirt
  • 2 summer dresses
  • 1 light knit sweater
  • 1 packing cube with underwear and a bathing suit
  • 1 pair of flip-flops (in one of the side pockets)
  • 1 small clear wash bag with my travel toiletries

Even with all of those items, there was still a little extra room, along with a zip-up outer pocket to store my travel essentials. With three clever sections—one main compartment, one secured by velcro, and another by zip—this is where I stored my passport, wallet, headphones, keys, and phone. There are also additional pouches at each end of the bag, too—great for holding a small bottle or a pair of sunglasses.

Sophie Knight
Sophie Knight

If you’re traveling with a hardshell suitcase as well, one genius feature is the over-handle sleeve. At first, I couldn’t find it, but the side compartment that’s secured with velcro can be undone and unzipped at the bottom, converting it into a sleeve to slide over your luggage.

The pros:

  • Two comfortable strap options: hand-held straps and detachable shoulder straps
  • Water-resistant
  • Laptop sleeve
  • External pocket with three compartments, one of which can be converted into a sleeve to slip over a suitcase handle
  • Two pouches at either end (ideal for drink bottles)
  • Multiple interior pockets, including an area to fit shoes
  • Nine color options

The cons:

  • Side pockets can fit a pair of slim flip-flops, but for any large shoes you'd have to place them at the bottom of the bag
  • Won't fit within Ryanair or Whizz Air luggage allowances if you overpack
  • Some colors sell out quickly
Antler Chelsea overnight bag

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