Everything You Need to Create the Perfect Hotel Spa Experience at Home

Eucalyptus shower spray, comfortable robes, and calming teas help set the tone. 
At home spa collage.

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Slipping out of reality and into the serenity of a spa is a luxury that can do wonders for physical and mental health. There’s magic in these moments when we allow time to slow down and our bodies to catch up to our minds. And while there’s nothing quite like a real-life spa experience to create that space, it’s entirely possible to recreate a DIY—yet still indulgent—at home spa day. With input from spa experts around the world, we’ve curated a collection of spa products for a serene escape, from bath bombs to lush robes. Below, 18 mood setters, shower essentials, ultra-soft clothing, and treatments to help you create the perfect hotel spa experience from the comfort of your own home.

Mood setters

Hatch Restore Sunrise alarm clock

A quality sound machine like the Hatch Restore elevates any home spa environment with customizable soundscapes or music, transporting listeners to serene environments. You can choose between 22 different colors for the light and the machine doubles as a sunrise alarm, gradually increasing the light to wake you up.

Leaves of Leisure Bath Time tea

Is any spa setup complete without a tray table full of calming teas? The Bathtime tea was curated by Leaves of Leisure as the ideal pairing for a relaxing bath soak. The green tea is flavored with lemongrass, tangerine bits, sage leaves, and rosemary; a canister comes with 15 tea bags.

My Perfect Nights Himalayan Salt lamp

“One of the natural elements and practices we call on is Halotherapy, also known as Salt Therapy. On their spa journey, guests are encouraged to rest and recharge in our Himalayan salt room—a chance to rebalance their vital energies,” says Marina Loddo, the spa manager at Erre Spa at Grand Hotel Victoria. Recreate the vibe by placing this under-$50 salt lamp on your bathroom counter.

Zadro Towel Warmer

A warm, plush towel waiting after a soothing bath or shower can make all the difference in an at-home spa atmosphere. The Zadro towel warmer provides a touch of extravagance by gently heating towels to a cozy temperature. With its sleek, modern design and room for two oversized towels, this towel warmer adds a layer of comfort and sophistication to any personal spa sanctuary.

St. Regis Caroline's Four Hundred Arquiste room spray

Inspired by Caroline Astor's famous Fifth Avenue balls, this room spray captures the essence of the flowers that adorned her residence. With notes of roses, lilies, and apple blossoms, the scent creates a subtle, elegant atmosphere reminiscent of New York's Gilded Age, ideal for enhancing any at home spa day.

Lovetuner breathing and meditation device

“Our team wears the Lovetuner, and it is perfectly tuned to 528 frequency which is considered the love tune. At the closing of your treatment, we will gently sound our whistle to envelope you in a vibration of love and positivity that can set the tone for the remainder of your day or evening,” says Marissa Edwards, spa director at The Seabird Resort in Oceanside, California. 

Shower essentials  

Kohler Statement Three-Function Showerhead

While a rain head typically requires a bit of plumbing maneuvering for the average bathroom, this three-function showerhead from Kohler offers some of the same elegant touches you can find in a spa—such as a deep tissue mode and a cloud spray mode—without having to go through a full bathroom remodel. 

Sprig bath bombs

Add these Sprig bath bombs to your next soak to create a calming atmosphere for your at-home spa day. The different scents include Shield, Focus, Recharge, and Relax. They feature natural ingredients such as shea butter, coconut oil, and kaolin clay to deliver a luxurious self-care experience.

European Spa Source Eucalyptus shower spray

“Each rain shower in our locker rooms has the eucalyptus shower spray available for our guests to enhance their shower experience. We also use the spray in our steam rooms” says Kelly Gasspari-Fleming, the director of Spa & Wellness at Waldorf Astoria Chicago

Sachajuan shampoo set

A hallmark of upscale hotels like the St. Regis, Sachajuan's premium shampoo and conditioner set offers a touch of elegance to an at-home spa day, transforming a shower routine into a truly indulgent escape. Ingredients like algae help increase moisture while Linalool leaves your hair smelling fresh and lightly of citrus. 

Dorai bath stone

Crafted from diatomaceous earth, this stylish bath stone is designed to replace traditional bath mats. It offers a mold-resistant and highly absorbent alternative, drying any left-behind water within minutes of you getting out of the shower.  

Comfortable wearables

Parachute waffle robe

No two robes are made equal, especially when it comes to fabric and texture, so it’s smart to spend some time shopping around for the right one. Parachute’s waffle version is inspired by the brand’s favorite spas around the world and comes in soft muted tones like tan, dark gray, and white.

The White Company Unisex Waffle slippers

This pair of slippers from The White Company are pretty close to the cloud-like ones you’re given during a spa day or wellness retreat and go well with that Parachute robe you just bought, too. The unisex design means it comes in sizes ranging from XS to XL. Bonus: These cozy slippers are machine washable.

Sonoma Lavender spa heat wrap

“Place a soft-heated shoulder wrap behind your neck—this will help alleviate anxiety and soothe  muscles,”  says Jocelyn Farmer, the spa director at Relâche Spa at Gaylord Rockies Resort and Convention Center. “We love the Sonoma Lavender Shoulder Wraps as they are pleasing to the touch, smell heavenly, and can be heated or chilled.”

Thera Adult Therarobe

The Therarobe combines the indulgent plush of a classic, comfortable robe with the therapeutic benefits of a weighted blanket. The gentle, soothing pressure simulates a comforting hug, making you feel as if you've been wrapped in tranquility at a high-end spa.

At-home treatments

HeatHealer Sauna blanket

The ideal sauna experience is in Finland, but if you’re hoping to reap some of the benefits without leaving your home, the HeatHealer infrared sauna blanket is a worthy alternative. The blanket is shaped like a sleeping bag and is easy to wipe down—it also has adjustable temperatures for a truly individualized session. Want to take it on the road? It even comes with a portable travel bag. 

Hyperice Normatec Go leg compression

The Normatec Go leg compressions help to increase circulation and reduce muscle soreness. Not only do they help with faster recovery after workouts, but they also make a great massage alternative for a self-care day.

Therabody SmartGoggles

Farmer also recommends Therabody SmartGoggles for an immersive at-home experience. The high-tech eye mask massages and relaxes the eye area with soothing warmth. She suggests pairing it with the Therabody App where users can listen to programs to help with meditation, focus, and relaxation.