The Béis Bags You Need In Your Collection

After months of rigorous testing, here are the Béis suitcases and bags our editors recommend for your next trip.
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What started as a desire to create functional bags for parents on the go has turned into multiple best-selling luggage collections and a Barbie collaboration that sold out within minutes. You can't walk through the airport without seeing the eye-catching, signature beige luggage. Actor and entrepreneur Shay Mitchell founded Bèis in 2018 and has been seeing viral success since its first drop.

My introduction to the Béis universe was similar to the rest of the world—through the popular Weekender Bag. I immediately thought it was chic with its neutral hues and could just imagine how sturdy the canvas material must be, but I wasn’t sold on it yet. I was in the market for a full luggage set and wanted an upgrade from stand-alone pieces. At the time, she had only released the duffel, weekender, dopp kit, cosmetic case, luggage tag, and passport holder.

When you buy one travel essential from Béis, you'll quickly feel the urge to buy more. The suitcases and bags work well together and look so polished. The laptop sleeves have a special buckle that can be attached to your carry-on and the backpacks and duffels have convenient trolley sleeves that make dashing through the airport easy. These smart features help ease some of the stress of traveling and limit the amount of items you’re carrying so you're not weighed down. Speaking of being weighed down, Béis suitcases feature a weight indicator that let you know whether or not your bag is overweight before you get to the airport (and before you face any extra fees). Our editors took some of the brand's most talked-about luggage on the road to determine the best of Béis. We considered each bag's weight, capacity, functionality, and overall design. From hard shell checked suitcases to soft-sided carry-ons, here are our top luggage picks from Béis.

This article is part of Condé Nast Traveler’s first-ever Luggage Week, for which dozens of suitcases, backpacks, and weekender bags were road-tested by our editors.

Béis The Carry-On Roller

I was worried that the Béis carry-on would be overstuffed with a week’s worth of clothes for two people, but I managed to fit everything I needed. When you first open the carry-on you’re met with two garment bags that are ideal for holding dirty laundry or damp clothing. The right side features a detachable side panel that has mesh pockets for extra security, while the left side has two zippered pockets that are perfect for your toiletries. On a recent flight, I had to check this carry-on at the gate when there was limited overhead space. Although dirty, it returned to us scuff-free! I would recommend this to any traveler who is an exclusive team carry-on member and might be in the market for complimentary travel bags. If you're interested in expanding your luggage collection, Béis does an excellent job of creating pieces that work well together (and look good, too).

What we love most: The garment bags and cushioned suitcase handle
Dimensions: 10" x 23" x 16"
Colors available: Beige, black, gray, atlas pink, navy, citron, berry, plaid, creamsicle, olive, and maple

Béis The Weekender Bag

This weekender was Béis’s very first product and its earned a huge cult-following on social media. The interior has a water-resistant lining and multiple pockets for small travel accessories like jewelry or charging cords. The extra roomy bottom compartment can fit several pairs of shoes and keep them separated from your clean clothes. On the back, there’s a trolley sleeve so you can place the bag on top of your carry-on or check-in roller—a true game-changer when navigating through the airport.

What we love most: The laptop sleeve and separate shoe compartment
Dimensions: 20" x 10" x 16"
Colors available: Beige, black, gray, atlas pink, navy, citron, berry, plaid, creamsicle, olive, and maple

Béis Soft-Sided Collapsible Carry-On Roller

For those travelers who are working with limited storage space at home, this is the ideal carry-on for you. It can be expanded to give you extra packing room or collapsed so it can fit into smaller spaces. The exterior has a padded sleeve for your laptop, a keychain latch, and a pocket with a port to thread your cords and chargers on the go. This carry-on has been a favorite of senior commerce editor Madison Flager, “this is a Béis bag I love. It’s so easy to store since it collapses down flat, but does fit a decent amount when expanded; I used it on a four-day trip recently and had enough space,” she says. It’s lightweight and made from durable polyester that can be spot-cleaned.

What we love most: The bag's collapsible frame and the exterior pocket with a headphone port
Dimensions: 14" x 9" x 22" (not collapsed); 14" x 7" x 22" (collapsed)
Colors available: Black

Béis The Water Bottle Sling

Travelers can stay hydrated and hands-free on the go with this water bottle sling bag—a favorite of Flager's for active days. It's a great accessory for trips where you're getting your steps in or can serve as the ultimate gym buddy. The lightweight sling can fit a 32-ounce water bottle while still offering enough room for small essentials such as your phone, keys, and ID. It comes with an adjustable strap that lets you wear it as a crossbody.

What we love most: The adjustable strap and drawstring lock closure
Dimensions: 4" x 4" x 8"
Colors available: Beige and black

Béis The 26" Check-In Roller

When it comes to checked luggage, you want something that can hold enough clothes and travel essentials for a full week or longer. Associate commerce editor Meaghan Kenny recently traveled with it for a nine-day trip to Italy and was surprised by its durability: "when it’s empty, this bag is durable yet isn’t too heavy—I could lift it up myself with no problem. As large as this suitcase is, I didn’t struggle to roll it around, lifting it up to be weighed at the airport, or pulling it onto a busy train,” she says. While the outside has a sleek rippled design with four smooth rolling wheels, the interior has two separate sides. One side has a detachable mesh panel with two compression straps to buckle across and the other side side can be completely zipped with two zippered pockets on top. While that might seem like plenty of space, overpackers will appreciate that the Check-In Roller can be expanded for two extra inches.

What we love most: The built-in weight indicator and TSA–approved combination lock
Dimensions: 11" x 18" x 28"
Colors available: Beige, black, gray, atlas pink, navy, citron, berry, plaid, creamsicle, olive, and maple

Béis Soft-Sided Collapsible Check-In Roller

We've all been there: you forget to pack something and need to reopen your bag and do some last-minute reorganizing. One of the best features of the soft-sided carry-on is that it offers a front zip entry for easy access into the bag. For overpackers, it might be a little hard to handle through the airport, but it's an ideal option for road trips where you aren’t constantly moving it. This collapsible roller is made for longer trips where extra space is essential.

What we love most: Front-zipper access and it’s easy to store
Dimensions: 19" x 13" x 32" (not collapsed); 19" x 7" x 32" (when collapsed)
Colors available: Black

Béis The Mini Weekender

The Mini Weekender is very similar to its predecessor. It offers the same features you know and love, but in a smaller version. The interior has a laptop sleeve, two pockets, and a keychain latch; the exterior has a pocket on the front and a trolley sleeve. I’ve used this for a road trip where I didn't need to carry it much and a short weekend to New Jersey by train where I had to lug it around my shoulder for the duration of the trip. The handles are incredibly soft and thick, which is a must-have for any over-the-shoulder bag. While waiting in line for the bus, I didn’t find myself shifting or moving the bag around because it was surprisingly comfortable due to its size. The bag also has a long strap so you can wear the bag two ways if over-the-shoulder isn’t your vibe.

What we love most: Its versatility and adjustable strap
Dimensions: 16" x 16" x 8"
Colors available: Beige, black, gray, atlas pink, navy, citron, berry, plaid, creamsicle, olive, and maple