This Portable Humidifier Improves My Dry Skin and Allergies on the Road

Weighing less than a pound and barely taller than my iPhone, it comes with me on every trip. 
The Hey Dewy Humidifier Improves My Dry Skin and Allergies on the Road
Courtesy Hey Dewy

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No matter what time of year it is, my skin tends to be very dry. To help combat this, I've kept a humidifier in my bedroom for years—a true saving grace for anyone with a similar skin type. A humidifier is an easy way to improve a room's air quality, and along with giving my skin back some much-needed moisture, I've also found myself suffering from fewer allergies and colds since using one. The con to this bedside essential: It occupied half the space on my nightstand and was a real pain to refill and clean (I could barely fit it under my sink). I didn't want to stop using a humidifier altogether, but I was ready to upgrade from the clunky device I had. So I got my hands on the Hey Dewy wireless facial humidifier: an ultra-lightweight, portable device that claimed to do the job of the other larger humidifiers on the market. This small wireless device has been a complete game-changer—and I've been bringing it with me everywhere. 

Hey Dewy wireless facial humidifier

Dimensions: 3"L × 3"W × 7"H 

Capacity: 11.3 ounces

What is the Hey Dewy humidifier?

When my Hey Dewy wireless facial humidifier arrived, I was shocked at how small it was. In terms of height, it's not that much bigger than my iPhone. I couldn't wait to replace the large humidifier on my nightstand with this petite wireless device. As excited as I was, I was skeptical it would work as well as my original one—especially since it clearly wouldn't have the capacity to hold as much water. To my surprise, the Hey Dewy humidifier works just as well, and in fact, was better than larger models I've tried.

The best part: It's completely travel-friendly. Last month, I had two back-to-back trips on my calendar. I knew four flights in one week would take quite the toll on my skin. I decided to bring my Hew Dewy humidifier along with me in my carry-on—and I'm never going back to the days of dry hotel rooms and dehydrated skin post flight. It doesn't take up much room (it even fit in my weekender bag for a quick trip) and is so easy to take with you anywhere. 

How does it work?

Along with the device, your order comes with a 6.5" filter and a 5" USB power cord. It only takes about four hours to charge and then lasts up to eight hours—so I can leave it on while I sleep. To refill the Hew Dewy, untwist the top and bring the bottom piece to the nearest sink. For as compact as the humidifier is, it can still fit 11.3 ounces of water—more than enough needed for a continuous cool mist throughout the day or night. Cleaning the device is simple, too—a quick rinse with water will do the trick; for a deeper cleanse, I use a toothbrush and water to scrub it. 

The device itself is so sleek, with only one button, and looks chic on my nightstand. To turn it on, tap the power button twice for a continuous cool mist. Tapping it one more time will activate its second setting, an intermittent cool mist. One more tap turns the device off. An optional feature is the soft LED light, which can be used as a nightlight or turned off if you prefer. Another pro: It's so quiet—I barely hear the sound it makes while it's on and it never disturbs my sleep. 

Is it worth it?

I've been using this wireless and rechargeable humidifier every night for months now and I'm considering getting a second device to put on my office desk. Since it fits in most cup holders, it's also great for the car, whether you're commuting to work or on a long road trip. Charge it up beforehand and you're good to go for eight hours of cool misting. Sometimes when my skin needs a little extra surge of moisture, I'll hold the device directly up to my face and allow the cool mist to really seep into my pores. To match my bedroom aesthetic, I have it in the white Pearl color, but I'm also eyeing the Blush tone. In addition to those two hues, it's available in Sage, Ocean, and Stone. Plus, at $60, it's a pretty average price for a high-quality humidifier—and worth every penny. 

My nighttime and travel routines got a whole lot easier thanks to the Hey Dewy humidifier. It's small, portable, lightweight, and it actually works—my skin is less dry and I wake up feeling more refreshed. I've happily ditched my clunky humidifier and replaced it with this travel-friendly skin savior—it has earned a spot in my carry-on for my next trip (any every one after that).