The Prime Day Travel Essentials You Purchased Most This Week

Personal water filters, hydrating lip products, and electronic hand warmers reigned supreme.
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The most popular Amazon Prime Day deals aren't always the most expensive. Many of the most-purchased items by Condé Nast Traveler readers this week were under-$20 travel essentials. And while there were thousands of products on sale for Prime Big Deal Days, a handful of categories stood above the rest, with outdoor gear, tech products, and viral beauty favorites coming out on top.

In case you're curious what deals your fellow readers scooped up, we've rounded up the 17 most-purchased Amazon items our readers added to their carts this week—many of which are still on sale now. Below, the Amazon travel essentials our readers were after, from silk eye masks and portable mirrors to solar power charging banks.

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Top travel essentials still on sale:

Outdoor gear

LifeStraw personal water filter

This personal water filter is a great buy for any frequent hikers and was a top seller last Prime Day, too. It's been tested and reviewed by Traveler contributor Kaitlyn McInnis, who says it's the perfect solution for times when carrying around a water bottle or water filtration system isn't practical.

LifeStraw Peak Series personal water filter

Many of our readers also purchased LifeStraw's Peak Series water filter. It protects your water from bacteria, microsilt, sand, cloudiness and even microplastics. Plus, it has an unlimited shelf life—so if you have to break it out years from now, it will still give you the protection you need.

Blavor Solar Power charging bank

Many of our outdoorsy travelers added this solar power charging bank to their carts this week. It offers campers two options to power up: a charging cable or wireless charging for Qi-enabled devices. Plus, it features a handy LED flashlight.

Eveready rechargeable LED headlamps

These high-powered headlights are made with rechargeable LED lights and have three modes to choose from depending on your activity: high, low, and red. They're perfect for outdoor adventures and are still on sale for $13.

Gutimo rechargeable hand warmers

This two-pack of rechargeable hand warmers were among our top three most purchased items this week. They stay warm for up to 12 hours and only take a few seconds to heat up.

In-flight essentials

Apple AirTag 4 Pack

Apple AirTags were a top tech essential this Prime Day. Never worry about losing your luggage or other personal items again with these lifesavers on hand.

Apple AirPods

It's no surprise Apple AirPods made the list this year, again. They’re still on sale, but hurry—several other Apple headphone options have already sold out.

Perilogics Universal in-flight airplane phone mount

This under-$20 phone mount clips onto the top of your airplane seat tray table and perfectly holds your phone in place so you can watch movies, TV shows, or podcast videos hands-free. I never travel without it.

Mulberry silk sleep mask

Every traveler needs a sleep mask in their carry-on. The next time you're trying to catch some ZZZs in-flight, pop this silky-soft eye mask on to block out every bit of light.

Beauty and skincare products

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

If long travel days have your lips parched, you're not alone—plenty of readers have been adding this hydrating lip mask to their cart.

Laneige Lip Glowy Balm

Another top-selling beauty product from Laneige is this Lip Glowy Balm. It gives lips a subtle tint and keeps them hydrated all day long. I keep one of these in my tote bag at all times.

Revlon One-Step Volumizer Plus 2.0 hot air brush

A cheaper alternative to the Dyson Airwrap that still gives a salon-worthy blowout, the Revlon Volumizer 2.0 is easy to use, has various heat settings, and features a detachable head that helps it fit nicely in a weekender bag. Even better, it's still on sale for $40.

Funtouch rechargeable travel mirror

On sale for $21, this foldable and rechargeable makeup mirror offers perfect LED lighting wherever you go. Hotel bathrooms don't always have the best lighting or you might be sharing one mirror on a group trip—this portable, lightweight option makes getting ready while you're traveling easier than ever.

Crest 3D Whitestrips

Crest's 3D Whitestrips have racked up nearly 100,000 ratings on Amazon with an average of 4.6 stars. This bonus-pack features 44 classic whitening strips and two one-hour express treatments. The pack is no longer on sale, but based on these rave reviews, it's still absolutely worth it.

More travel accessories

Nesugar portable garment steamer

Several top-rated portable steamers were discounted for Prime's Big Deal Days, this packable option from Nesugar included. This steamer weighs less than a pound and the adjustable head helps it fit neatly in any carry-on.

Hilife Steamer

Many travelers added this lightweight steamer—still on sale for $30—to their shopping carts this Prime Day. It's fairly compact and allows for up to 15 minutes of continuous steaming.

Case-Mate IP68 waterproof phone pouch

Rounding out our list of the most purchased travel essentials this Prime Day is the Case-Mate waterproof phone pouch. It's the perfect companion for days spent swimming or kayaking. If your phone accidentally falls in the water, it will stay afloat and dry. The detachable lanyard offers even greater security.