This $85 Razor Is Worth Checking A Bag For

Oui The People's razor is a game changer for travelers with easily irritated skin.
This 85 Oui the People Razor Is Worth Checking A Bag For

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Anyone else get pre-shaving nerves? There is just something about the possibility of cutting myself and ruining the fantasy of soft, freshly-shaven legs that makes me hesitate every time I go to pick up my razor.

Over the years, I’ve tested a variety of options: men’s, women’s, disposable, hair trimmers—you name it, I’ve used it. When I didn’t see much difference between tools,  I looked at my techniques, changing my shaving cream, location, and routine, all to no avail. My skin was often left irritated days later and strawberry legs would make me rethink my vacation outfits. 

My luck changed when I discovered Oui The People on Instagram—the brand has created a razor that is kind. An odd attribute for a razor, but hear me out. It’s kind to your skin, kind to the Earth, and most importantly, kind to your pockets in the long run.

Oui The People Sensitive Skin razor

I have never had this close of a shave. The single blade is the highlight: Other competitors on the market have five blades that shave skin (yikes) and hair; the single razor gently shaves off just the hair. Designed for sensitive skin, the razor immediately glided across my leg and I was met with soft, un-nicked skin that I had previously only dreamed of.  It should be noted that ingrown hairs have no place in my dreams either. Luckily, the blade makes it harder for ingrown hairs to form since the hair follicles under the skin’s surface are left untouched. The blade doesn’t work alone and you’ll find the handle has a bit of weight to it which in turn works to your benefit—it adds just enough pressure to slide against the skin. 

The handle is made from the most recycled material on Earth, stainless steel, paired with blades that are recyclable as well. The price point is steep at first glance, especially compared to drugstore razors, but when you factor in the care that it gives your skin during such an intimate experience and the fact that you’ll never have to buy another razor again, it’s an appealing purchase that’s worth the added cost.

The razor comes with 10 replacement blades. It seems like a small amount, but realistically you can use each blade five to seven times before you have to replace it. The longevity of your blades depends on your cleaning routine and storing location (a dry place is recommended).

After using the razor for two months, I wish I’d found it sooner. I wasn’t expecting an overnight change but I have been pleasantly surprised by how long I can go between shaving sessions even within the last month. When vacationing, you want to be fully immersed in the moment and not worry about whether or not you forgot to shave—a solid razor can eliminate that worry. 

Traveling with the Oui The People Sensitive Skin razor is easy, but for those who are team carry-on, be warned—you can keep the razor in your cabin luggage, but the blades must be stored in a checked suitcase. This is a must-have item for every vacation I take this summer—while I don’t normally check a bag, it’s worth it for a smoother, gentler shave.